Our Mission

We desire your attention and input for more information in research, pictures, racing topics and documents to complete the story of this remarkable man and futuristic exotic automobile Ben created in 1933-1936. Your input and assistance as a Historian, Archivist or Novice is invited and will be invaluable to our Team, as we are confident that there is much more material that has not yet been discovered in our 23 years of research. You may be over-whelmed when you enter the site as to the amount of Documentation and Hard Facts we have unearthed.

Our Team believes that one day in the future, your added input and furthered documents may be enough to fulfill a book on this special Man and Machine in time, as well as enough to submit Benjamin F Harris III for nomination into the SCCA Hall of Fame, Racing Hall of Fame, FIA notation and AAA notation. You will find that Ben was involved in Officiating Role's in the before said and actual racing adventures himself when entering the Speedster's site.

Lest we not forget the Speedster itself, as Ben's innovative visions of "15 Futuristic Firsts"  brought us what was to come in race car design and street car design, and that while being modernized, are still in use to this very day.

Our Team welcomes you to Harris Speedster.com, please enjoy yourself!

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